Cheetah Exam Prep for the PMP® Exam - Benefits


In this four day event you will learn what it takes to pass the PMP® certification exam.

The benefits to this approach are:

  • FAST - The full immersion approach gets you in tune fast with what you will need to do to pass this exam.

  • Reliable - Our techniques have been proven over time to work tremendously well to help people quickly memorize large amounts of information.  Over 14,000 people have become PMP's® with our approach.

  • Long Term Retention - The techniques we use improve both short and long term retention of the key PM concepts.

  • No lag time - Between when you learn the material and when you apply the material.  This reduces retention leakage that happens when people continually start and stop the studying process. 

  • Confidence - From the moment you start working with Cheetah, your confidence will improve for successfully passing this very difficult exam. The online course orientation is designed to put you at ease with getting your PMI® eligibility letter, and to make sure that you are adequately prepared to participate in the intense immersion program. The activities in the class are designed to enable you to relax, focus, improve your instant recall of key concepts, and facilitate your ability to synthesize both theoretical concepts and practical experience so you can confidently deduce the correct answers with complex questions you'll encounter on the exam. You will  be at ease and far less stressed taking the exam after this type of preparation. You will also develop a much higher level of confidence about your abilities as a project manager and  your ability to achieve your goals.

  • Focus - Get it done and get on with your life. There is no need for you to create a second job preparing for this exam

  • Efficient - How much is your time worth?

I took the PMP exam training in the Hartford area last week and passed the test. I can't even begin to tell you and the staff what an experience it was.

  • The prep work set the stage for what was to follow. The prep messaging was right on and set all the right expectations.

  • Our instructor, Vikram, was fantastic! He was able to lead us through what could easily become a tedious exercise with humor, tremendous knowledge, and a focus on ultimate success. He was able to turn every question we asked into an example of how to consider alternative answers -- very subtle but very effective. He is a wonderful coach, as I am sure you are aware. The emphasis on time, whether in reading or break or testing, was important.

  • The program works effectively on multiple levels, simultaneously. The quick chapter reviews with note cards, the key information and the chapter tests not only provided quick learning of key words and concepts but also provided a powerful review mechanism for study in the evenings.

  • The psychological aspects of "success focus" and the special diet, exercise and stress and time management, and all the very subtle touches gave an additional dimension that multiplied the knowledge exponentially.

  • The memory map was a tremendous tool that proved very useful in the exam.

  • All the testing under strict time constraints was absolutely the key success factor. As one who has not taken a real test in over 40 years, I really needed training on how to approach a test like this. By the end of the final on Thursday, I was brimming with confidence and actually enjoyed the process of answer elimination. When I arrived at the test center, I was totally confident, knew what was going to happen, and very ready to pass the test, which I did with ease.

  • The facility, staff, and food was fantastic

The Cheetah program is a real value and for me, it was a pleasure to be associated with a truly professional program. Thanks to everyone!

Rob Huette, PMP

Consulting Project Director, Oracle Corporation